Can Germany’s ‘Lex Facebook’ Be Saved? A Business and Human Rights Analysis

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at Facebook's F8 conference. Photo by pestoverde via Flickr (CC BY 2.0) In an attempt to stifle hate speech and racial discrimination online, German lawmakers built one of the...

7 Android Games That You Can Download For Free in 2018

The offers are not for a week, but as a small initial gift, the Google Play Store gives us up to 7 paid Android games 2018 that we can download for free to mobile. Different genres, gameplay and graphics environments that in a few days will cost money again, so we better take advantage now.

Create Completely Free WordPress Website | Free Domain Free Hosting

Hey Whats happening Guys, my name is Kashif and in this Post, I’m going to show you how can you make free Website with out buying a domain and hosting. Basically What I am gonna show you is how to get a free domain and free hosting.

How to Force/Hard Reset iPhone 8/8 plus or iPhone X

In the event that your iPhone 8 is solidified or not reacting you may need to hard reset it. This is a catch blend that powers your iPhone 8 to restart. It resembles holding the power button on your PC.

How to use the New Notes App Features On MacOS High Sierra

If you are used to notes application in macOS High Sierra you might happen to have tons of personalization notes, and one thing you might always look to do is search your notes which you created before. and as a matter of fact, that might messes around down when you keep adding new notes.

How to Install Ubuntu linux in Mac With VirtualBox

This top to bottom guide will make you each stride of the route through introducing Ubuntu Linux on your Mac, by a method of VirtualBox – a free and exceptional program. Utilizing this technique you’ll have the capacity to run Ubuntu and OS X in the meantime!