Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6


Two amazing flagship caliber Android smartphones, two very different prices attached to them. In our latest comparison, we’re pitting the just recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 against a formidable competitor in the OnePlus 6. Sure, they’re widely viewed as premier smartphones that have cult followings, but as much as they may share the same platform, these two are vastly different in their intentions.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6

We love the designs of both phones, but who doesn’t because they pretty much exhibit the glass meets metal designs that have become the standard amongst the flagship range. Between them, though, the Note 9 features the more complete and meticulous design, mainly due to how it’s able to cram so many things into its already svelte frame – without making any compromises in the process. Considering how it packs wireless charging, a slot for the S Pen, a heart rate sensor, an iris sensor, dual speakers, and even a headphone jack, it’s an engineering masterpiece that deserves to be marvelled at.

Comparatively speaking, the OnePlus 6 is still a gorgeous looking smartphone that feels incredibly solid with its construction. In fact, we like how it offers the better in-hand feel because it’s not as gargantuan or heavy as the Note 9. However, Sammy’s design still has an ace up its sleeve in the form of an IP68 water resistant rating with the Note 9 – whereas there’s none whatsoever with the OnePlus 6.