Driver laughs he’s got great insurance after killing pedestria


A Mercedes-driving executive has become public enemy №1 on Chinese social media today after killing a pedestrian and smiling about it afterward, while boasting of his fantastic insurance coverage.

Cell phone video from the scene shows a Mercedes-Benz crashed into a pole on the sidewalk in Yongzhou city, Hunan province. Crushed between the vehicle and the pole is a female pedestrian.

As onlookers gather around, one passerby asks the driver what he was doing driving so recklessly. “I have full insurance coverage,” the driver replies back with a smirk before walking away.

According to The Paper, the pedestrian died at the scene as a result of the crash, while the driver, who is reportedly a senior executive at an investment company, was taken into custody.

Obviously, Weibo users are hoping that police throw the book at him. “Even the best insurance won’t help you escape prison,” writes one netizen. “He may have a lot of money, but he has no humanity,” adds another.