Chinese boy Urinates on Elevator Control Panel, Gets Trapped


A Chongqing boy urinating on the buttons of an elevator recently became trapped due to electrical breakdown. Security footage of the incident is now going viral on Weibo.

On February 23, security cameras in a Chongqing neighborhood apartment complex captured the scene leading up the elevator’s electrical breakdown.

The footage shows how a young boy, who is taking the elevator unaccompanied, urinates all over the elevator and purposely aims at its control panel.

The boy then tries to push a button to exit the elevator, but the lights start flickering and the elevator breaks down while the doors stay closed, trapping the boy inside.

A video of the incident was spread on Weibo by several media, including People’s Daily and Global Times, which both report that the boy was eventually rescued from the elevator.

The news ignited hundreds of reactions on Weibo on Sunday, with one post on the subject even receiving nearly 20,000 comments.

“His family should be ashamed of how they educated him,” some commenters said. Others also wrote that the boy’s parents should pay for the damage done to the elevator.

Stories of so-called ‘little brats’ often make the news in China for rude, spoilt, or uncontrolled behavior. This is often explained through the “Little Emperor Syndrome,” which says that the excessive amounts of attention given to only children leads to lazy and selfish behavior in children.

The ‘brattish’ behavior of Chinese children also became a topic of discussion in 2016, when a Lego masterwork that took days to make was pushed

over by a little kid in a mall, just within an hour after it was first displayed.

Source: what’s on Weibo